Food As Medicine™ Master Class

Food As Medicine™ Master Class


Take charge of your wellness, heal your body, and empower your knowledge!

  • Learn how to use dietary therapy to bring your health into balance

  • Discover how to easily incorporate food as medicine into your everyday life

  • Learn appropriate food choices to shift your health for the better, clear up existing skin concerns, and prevent new issues from arising

  • Receive personalized assessment and recommendations just for you!

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"Enter with an open mind and a the willingness to heal and Constance will do the rest!" J.M.

"I was educated both nutritionally and cosmetically. This is a perfect approach for me as I have just turned 60, and looking for a non-surgical route to looking and feeling younger." M.O.

"Constance is very knowledgeable and an amazing coach. I feel and look absolutely amazing after our sessions!" K.H.