The Best Food You're Not Eating


One of the best things you can eat is something you've probably never heard of! If you are ready to power up your nutrition, you'll definitely want to know more about something called congee. So, what is congee and why should you be eating it?

Congee, known as “Jook” in Cantonese and “Zhou” in Mandarin, is a thick rice-based porridge served for centuries in traditional East Asian homes.  It can be eaten for any meal – congee variations are endless and it lends itself well to breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  Eating congee is used preventatively to promote immunity and strengthen digestion as well as a powerful therapeutic food to boost energy and aid in the recovery from illness. 

In my Free Resource Library, I have a congee guidebook for you! This guide is full of useful information plus recipes to help you learn more about this amazing food and get you started on making congee today!

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