Lymphatic Drainage and Your Face

lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic system is the body's garbage disposal - it traps and flushes toxins and helps keep our immune systems healthy. Unlike your cardiovascular system, which has a pump (i.e. your heart), the lymphatic system relies entirely on body movement in order to keep lymph properly flowing.  When lymph fluid becomes stagnant, it becomes like a clogged drain - it traps but can't flush away toxins.  This can lead to decreased immunity, sinus and allergy congestion, and fluid retention in the face.  What's a good way to keep lymph moving?

Enter Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage - this non-invasive and effective treatment helps support flushing of toxins from the body. It helps drain sinuses, relieves sinus pressure from allergies and colds, and reduces facial puffiness, resulting in a more defined jawline and slimmer face. Plus, it feels amazing! Ready to try it out? Book your appointment HERE