Are You The Metal Type?

metal type chinese medicine Metal, they are strongly influenced by rules, structure, and discipline.

We will continue learning more about Chinese five element theory with a look at what it means when someone is governed by the Metal element (not sure which element governs you? Check out THIS post)

When someone is governed by Metal, they are strongly influenced by rules, structure, and discipline.


Metal people love rules and structure. They often describe themselves as a ‘rule follower.’ In Chinese medicine, Metal is the element which governs confidence, intuition, and our ability to let go. Metal people tend to be very organized, disciplined, calm, and reserved. Those who are governed by metal tend to be very tidy and keep their homes and workspaces well-organized and neat. Metal people are methodical and excel at precision and attention to detail; they are natural born leaders, teachers, and managers. Metal types are considered the ‘alchemists’ of the five elements; people governed by metal possess great inner strength and, like the historical alchemists who changed lead into gold, those governed by metal are able to discern and distill the important aspects of every situation.


Physically speaking, Metal people have a pale or fair complexion, clear skin, and well-defined features such as cheekbones and nose. When their tempers are aroused, the complexion of Metal people tends to turn very pale . People governed by Metal have strong, muscular, well-defined bodies that move gracefully with light and lively motions. They tend to have oval faces, straight hair, and slender builds thanks to a quick metabolism.

Celebrity Metal types include Daniel-Day Lewis, Robin Wright, and Jamie Lee Curtis.


When Metal people are balanced, they are righteous, faithful, well-organized, and detail oriented. When in balance, Metal types use their intellectual sharpness and self-disciple in order to achieve great success. In balance, they are excellent problem solvers and are capable of decisive action when necessary.

In balance Metal types are:

  • Methodical







When Metal people are imbalanced, they can become too attached to rules thereby acting as the stereotypical “type A” personality. When this happens, those governed by Metal become too restrictive and are overly concerned with dogma and following following rules to the letter. Imbalanced Metal types may find themselves being overly critical and become addicted to being right. Sometimes, Metal imbalance shows up as sloppiness, hypocrisy, and feeling sad/grief-stricken. Metal imbalance also manifests physically as respiratory problems (such as asthma), poor immunity, skin rashes, and constipation.

Out of balance Metal types are:

  • Overly critical

  • Can’t let go of control

  • Feel sad or grief-stricken

  • Suffer from respiratory disorders and poor immunity


If you are governed by Metal, ensure to support your immune system, lungs, and digestive system by eating foods the moisten the lungs (such as pears and honey) and herbs that boost immunity (such as astragalus). Avoid mucus-forming foods such as dairy and sugar. 

Practice deep breathing exercises and meditations that encourage you to let go. Try to avoid very dry weather; maybe add a humidifier to your home if you live in a dry climate (hello, Arizona!) Incorporate activities that allow you to feel creative to take your mind away from feeling rigid and restrictive. Talk to your acupuncturist about setting up seasonal balance treatments to boost your immune system and keep your digestive system humming.

Treatments that help balance the Metal element include Cupping to boost immunity and keep your lungs functioning properly, Acupuncture to help you feel like you can bend without breaking, and LED Therapy to promote the health of your skin