Facial Gua Sha

Gua Sha. If you google this term, be prepared for some intense-looking photos of someone’s bright red freshly gua sha'd back. How can this same process be something that you want done to your face? 

The answer is that face gua sha, although relying on the same principles of body gua sha, is a much, much different animal

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha, literrally meaning ‘sand scraping’ in Chinese, is a type of massage that acupuncturists use to help ease sore muscles, relieve pain, and help reduce severity of the common cold and asthma. In body gua sha, an acupuncturist uses a smooth flat tool (usually a piece of horn, bone, or stone) that is glided across the skin with medium pressure in order to increase blood flow and stimulate the immune system. This process is done until red spots (the “sha” or “sand”) start to show up. The end result may look a little scary; trust me that it is magic on sore muscles or the onset of a cold. 

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What is Face Gua Sha?

Face gua sha operates on the same principles as body gua sha - more blood flow and immune stimulation - except the pressure is much much lighter, no marks or (sha) are left on the skin, and facial gua sha tools are made from crystals (typically jade or rose quartz).

What are the Benefits of Face Gua Sha?

Facial gua sha has many benefits, including improvements in skin tone and texture, reduction of the signs of aging, and making the face look contoured. Look at everything facial gua sha can do: 

Benefit: Improved skin

how it works: face gua sha carres away toxins and congestion + boosts circulation

results: less breakouts, improved acne and rosacea, balanced skin tone, faded acne scars+ age spots

Benefit: Anti-aging 

how it works: face gua sha increases circulation + tones muscles

results: boosted collagen production, plumped skin, smoothed fine line + wrinkles 

Benefit: Face sculpting 

mechanism: lymphatic drainage, boost microcirculation

benefit: contour cheeks and jawline

PLUS facial gua sha reduces stress, promotes deep relaxation, and it feels amazing, similar to a gentle massage. 

A Final Note

I see facial gua sha popping up everywhere these days, which is great, and maybe not so great.

If you are going to seek this treatment out, make sure you enlist the help of a Chinese medical skincare professional - i.e. someone who has advanced training in this technique. I have personally seen patients who come to me after having disastrous results when their practitioner was not properly trained or experienced.

Trust me when I say that facial gua sha is more than simply dragging a piece of jade across your face, and this isn’t something you can learn from watching a video on YouTube. If you are in doubt, always ask your practitioner about their qualifications and experience - remember, this is your face we’re talking about here!

With a little research, you can find a facial gua sha practitioner that suits your needs. We are proud to offer facial gua sha with a highly trained and experienced practitioner at Scottsdale Integrative Acupuncture - book your visit HERE

Welcome to the beautiful world of facial gua sha!

Facial gua sha has many benefits, including improvements in skin tone and texture, reduction of the signs of aging, and making the face look contoured. Read about everything this ancient Chinese beauty trick can do for you!