It's the Pits - Finding a natural deodorant that works

natural deodorant

When I began my skincare journey, I wasn't very interested in 'green' or 'natural' products. However it wasn't long before I became aware that ALL of my skin was a mess - not just my face! I felt like my skin was perpetually dry and scaly unless I used a heap of moisturizer, I would get bumps on my upper arms, and my armpit skin would frequently feel itchy! So, I decided to trade in my lotion for coconut oil, I changed up my diet, and for the most part my skin felt great.  BUT my armpits still felt itchy and I would get occasional bumps in the area. Believe me when I tell you I tried every deodorant in the supermarket - from traditional to 'natural' brands - and I felt like I was in a catch-22. The traditional stuff made my skin worse (and contained questionable ingredients) but the natural stuff didn't work. What was I to do? I was extremely hesitant to move away from a traditional deodorant (I live in Arizona...I need a deodorant that WORKS!) but I also liked how the natural stuff wasn't full of chemicals and didn't irritate my skin. So, I decided to make my own. 

After many attempts (baking soda, no baking soda, emulsifiers, and various oils) I have perfected my recipe. This stuff gets me through the scorching Arizona summer, hot yoga class, and a long day in the clinic without so much as a whiff of funk.

If you are considering trying a natural deodorant,  I think you will be pleased with this one:

20 drops sage essential oil
10 drops litsea cubea essential oil
10 drops tea tree essential oil
10 drops sandalwood essential oil
4 TBS pure witch hazel
Clear ethanol alcohol (everclear, vodka, etc.)


  • Combine essential oils and witch hazel into a 2oz misting bottle (like the one found here).
  • Fill bottle remainder of the way with the alcohol, close tightly with the sprayer cap
  • Shake well and mist under arms


  • You may use 91% isopropyl alcohol in place of the ethanol alcohol if you prefer
  • Store deodorant in a cool and dark place and shake well to distribute oils before you mist
  • Any nicks on the skin may sting – as with any deodorant – but it is temporary. If this is bothersome to you, apply deodorant on unbroken skin.
  • Use pure, organic essential oils when possible. I love the oils from Bulk Apothecary - they carry a wide-range of high-quality oils at wholesale pricing. Plus they are a family-owned company! Click HERE and receive $10 off your first order!