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How To Make Natural Insect Repellent That Works

Nothing says warm weather like the onset of bug bites. Insect repellents are a must, but the chemical versions are pretty scary. Keep reading to learn an easy recipe for your own natural insect repellent you can make in your kitchen with ingredients you probably already have on hand. No bugs, no chemicals, no kidding.

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It's the Pits - Finding a natural deodorant that works

When I began my skincare journey, I wasn't very interested in 'green' or 'natural' products. However it wasn't long before I became aware that ALL of my skin was a mess - not just my face! I felt like my skin was perpetually dry and scaly unless I used a heap of moisturizer, I would get bumps on my upper arms, and my armpit skin would frequently feel itchy! So, I decided to trade in my lotion for coconut oil, I changed up my diet, and for the most part my skin felt great.  BUT my armpits still felt itchy and I would get occasional bumps in the area. Believe me when I tell you I tried every deodorant in the supermarket - from traditional to 'natural' brands - and I felt like I was in a catch-22. The traditional stuff made my skin worse (and contained questionable ingredients) but the natural stuff didn't work. What was I to do?

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