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What Element Are You?

Do you know which element governs you? Together with the concepts of Yin and Yang, the theory of Five Elements forms the basis of Classical Chinese medicine theory, diagnosis, and treatment. The five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal show us how our internal organs, personalities, and even body types are categorized and connected. Keep reading to find out which element governs you and what it means for your health and wellness!

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Just Breathe

Just breathe. Easy enough, right? After all, breathing is something we do unconsciously about 23,000 per day. But why is breathing so powerful and why does it matter if we put some thought into it? 

If we put a little intention behind breathing and focus on taking deep breaths, we get much much more than just respiration. Here are 5 ways deep, intentional breathing can give you an extra physical and mental boost: 

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Is CBD interacting with your medication?

CBD is wonderful - it has the potential to help many people and is relatively safe for consumption. (Check out my previous post HERE about the power of CBD). However, CBD interacts with a LOT of pharmaceutical drugs because CBD and these drugs share the same metabolic pathway. Keep reading to find out more and whether your medication interacts with CBD

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DIY Mouthwash Is Cheap, Easy, and WAY Better Than Anything You're Buying

The other day, someone stopped me at the store and told me my dress made me ‘look like a hippie.’ I had to laugh because - unbeknownst to them - I was buying ingredients to DIY my own mouthwash. That may (or may not) make me a hippie, but I really like to know that the ingredients in my food and skincare are pure and natural! Keep reading to find out how you can DIY your own healthy mouthwash for pennies!

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5 Tips For Fighting the Flu

Ugh the dreaded flu - this time of year can be tough. It seems like co-workers start sneezing, kids come home with the latest crud going around, and we may feel as if coming down with the flu is inevitable. However, picking up this year’s bug doesn’t have to be part of your winter routine. Here are 5 easy tips to keep your immune system running at its optimum level during peak flu season:

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How To Have A Self Care Routine That WORKS

Are you feeling run down? Maybe “take better care of myself” was on your to do list from last year, and you still haven’t quite gotten around to it. Self care is a major topic these days, and often it is poorly explained.

Developing a consistent self care routine is one of the best ways to keep yourself from running on empty. The beauty of a self care routine is that it allows us to incorporate self care into our daily lives, rather than viewing taking care of ourselves as a special treat or frivolous luxury.

Keep reading to learn more about self care and for my top 5 tips on how to developing a self care routine that resonates with you.

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