My First Aid Kit Essentials

What’s in your first aid kit? Mine includes all of the traditional things such as bandaids and gauze, but I also like to be prepared with some herbal support. There are many natural remedies that work wonders on everything from nausea to wounds - all without side effects! Here are my top 5 herbal remedies that are essential to my first aid kit (BONUS: all of these travel especially well - pack these on your next summer adventure!)

Remedy #1: Ginger

I can’t express my love for ginger enough. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and vomiting, it stimulates the circulatory system, and helps relieve digestive discomforts like gas and bloating.

Best used for: nausea (including from motion sickness), digestive support, aches and pain, fever + chills (when chills are greater than feeling of fever)

How to use: dried powder to make a quick tea (or tea bags), crystalized ginger candy, capsules

Remedy #2: Chamomile

Chamomile is more than just a lovely fragrance. The humble little chamomile flower has antimicrobial properties, it calms the nervous system, and can be used in the healing of wounds.

Best used for: digestive support, nervous diarrhea, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, tension, skin irritations and inflammation

How to use: tea bags for use to make drinks and topical compresses, tincture, capsules, salve

Remedy #3: Lemon Balm

I think this herb does’t get nearly the attention it deserves! Besides smelling delicious, lemon balm is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, calming, and helps relieve digestive discomforts.

Best used for: restlessness and hyperactivity, insomnia, cold, flu, herpes, digestive support

How to use: tea bags to make drinks and topical compresses, tincture, capsules, salve

Remedy #4: Yarrow

Yarrow is known as the ‘herb that heals wounds’ thereby earning it a spot in my first-aid kit. Yarrow is antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving.

Best used for: reducing bleeding, bruising, pain from injury, swelling, cold, flu, fever, sinus infection, urinary tract infection

How to use: tea bags for use to make drinks and topical compresses, tincture, salve

Remedy #5: Lavender

Of course, what herbal kit would be complete without lavender? Lavender has antibacterial properties, it promotes calmness and reduces anxiety, and reduces muscle spasms.

Best used for: stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, cleansing, burns

How to use: salve, essential oil inhaler, tea bags (especially for topical compresses)

So, there you go. All of these herbs are easy to find and even easier to use! Add these to your natural grocery store shopping list and supplement your first aid kit, naturally!