Naturally Beautiful Eyelashes - Without A Trip To The Salon

Naturally long lashes without extensions

I love the look of long, thick eyelashes. Being a natural blondie with thin, fine lashes, I sought the assistance of lash extensions for several months. And they were magnificent - the length and volume I desired plus I didn't need mascara! "This is too good to be true!" I thought to myself. And, sadly, it was; my lashes melted off during exercise and hot yoga, meaning I had to return to the lash bar every 10-14 days for a refill. As gentle as my aesthetician was, my natural lashes suffered a toll. She recommended I take a break from the extensions every 3 or 4 months.  When I did, it was torture - the extensions left my natural lashes short, broken, and even thinner than before I started. No amount of mascara could cover up the damage left by the lash extensions. My dermatologist gave me a prescription for a topical lash-growth. It turns out, this popular medication is actually an off-label glaucoma treatment with a raft of side effects; among other things, it can leave your eyelids red and irritated and may darken the color of your eyes (!!!!!) I knew the only thing for me to do was search for a natural solution; and find it, I did! Behold a natural lash growth serum with no side effects containing only a few ingredients that you likely already have in your medicine cabinet!

Ready for long, thick lashes that don't require a touch-up every few weeks and is actually GOOD for your lashes?



Mix castor oil and aloe vera gel in 1:1 ratio. Store in tube or airtight container. Apply sparingly to lashes nightly before bed as you would mascara. Avoid getting any in eyes - a thin coat on lashes is sufficient.


My before/after photos above are taken 4 weeks apart. The reason this combination is so magical for eyelash growth is because castor oil moisturizes and deeply hydrates dry, brittle and tired lashes (hello, post-lash extensions!!) while the aloe vera heals the skin around the eyes and contains Vitamin E, an essential component of hair growth.

Enjoy in health!