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Beyond Michael Phelps - Facial Cupping

Ok, we've all seen the purple bruises on Michael Phelps' back and know that he had cupping right before he swam to win the gold.  And that seems worth it - purple bruises < gold medals - but why on earth would I want to do cupping on my face? Can this possibly be the same procedure showcased on the body of America's most famous swimmer last summer? In short - yes, and no. One of the procedures I get asked the most is about facial detox cupping: "Does it hurt? Will it leave marks on my face? What is it good for? What are the results?" These are excellent questions and you will be amazed by the many benefits this treatment has to offer. In this short article, I will demystify facial cupping, show you a video of the treatment, and leave you running to make an appointment for yourself....

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