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Butternut Squash Pancakes

It's cold and flu season! That means doubling up on your nutrients in order to boost your immune system. The humble butternut squash is basically nature's multi-vitamin: it contains powerful antioxidants Vitamin A and C - in fact, one serving of butternut squash provides over half your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. Butternut squash contains more potassium than a banana; and also provides Vitamin B, manganese, magnesium, folate, zinc, and calcium! This sounds really great - but how do you prepare squash in a tasty way that harnesses the power of these nutrients?  Enter the squash pancake - it's simple, can be made from leftover roasted squash, makes a quick breakfast, and is versatile enough to be made savory or sweet. Plus this recipe adapts easily to gluten-free needs. These pancakes are just as delicious as they are nutritious. Topped with a spoon of homemade coconut yogurt, squash pancakes are something you'll make again and again. Save this recipe!

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