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Your Kitchen Needs These

I’ll be honest with you, my kitchen is one of the reasons I wanted to live in my current house - it has really pretty stone countertops, nice appliances, and a beautiful gas stove that made me swoon. But my kitchen is small. Like — make one step in any direction and you’ve pretty much stood in the entire kitchen — small.  Obviously, I don’t have a large space for cooking and I have even less space for storage. But, I love to cook and I want to be able to cook almost every day. So a small space can’t stop me from indulging my cooking habit, it just means my space and tools must be very intentional and functional. All of my gadgets and appliances must be multi-purposed; I don’t have room for what I call uni-taskers (i.e. anything with a single purpose). When I moved into my house, anything that couldn’t pull double-duty in the kitchen had to go. While I was a little upset at first (no more egg yolk separator thingy! what?) I must admit there is something very freeing about having a minimalist kitchen. Through this process, I’ve determined what gadgets are my must-haves - here are my top 5 kitchen gadgets I can’t do without: 

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