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I Might Make You Fall In Love With Me...

Crunchy rice. Until I met my husband, I had never heard of such food. I always thought the browned rice left on the bottom of the pan was burned rice, due to my lack of rice cooking know-how. But crunchy rice is much, much different than burned rice. My husband made me crunchy rice when we were dating … and let me tell you, it changed my world (and, perhaps made me fall in love with him!)  Known by different names in various parts of the world -  socarrat in Spain, nurungji in Korea, rasguño in Latin America, and tahdig in the Middle East - the toasty and golden layer at the bottom of the pan is an intensely flavored treat (think corner sides on a brownie pan or crunchy edges of a baked casserole). Crunchy rice only requires the same ingredients you would use to make regular rice - the true alchemy is in the technique.  Allow me to change your world and teach you how to make crunchy rice….no promises that you won’t fall in love with me! 

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