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Wipe It Up

I don’t want to tote around a gym bag full of soaps, creams, and lotions (see my prior post about shoulder pain). I try to make everything effective as possible, meaning products have to pull double- or triple- duty in order to earn a spot in my toiletry bag. This is why face wipes are my post-workout skin saver - I can use them as a cleanser and toner all in one. Plus face wipes are great to have along in your desk drawer for a mid-day refresh, and they also work wonders on camping or car trips when access to a bathroom is limited. Because I am always on the lookout for ways to detox my beauty routine, I of course, had to figure out a way to make my own face wipes without all of the preservatives and chemicals found in commercially available products. Here I share with you my recipe for toxin-free face wipes that you can customize to your own skincare needs. 


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Shampoo Detox

For many of us, our ears perk up at the word 'detox' - we envision clean diets, yoga sessions, and vegetables. All of these things have a detoxing effect in their own right, but have you ever thought about detoxing your beauty routine? As in, most of us use a great deal of chemicals and toxins on our skin daily in the form of soaps, shampoos, deodorants, and makeup. In search for a dry shampoo recently, I was stunned at the ingredient list - it read more like a recipe for an explosive than something that would go on my skin. The good news is you can make easy chemical-free swaps for your most-used beauty products, such as this recipe for healthy dry shampoo...

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