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Pumpkin Pie. From A Pumpkin.

I've always been enchanted by the adorable little "sugar" pumpkins in the store this time of year. And I ways think "I should make a pie out of one!" Then, I forget, get into a rush, and end up making pumpkin pie from a can. And it's always delicious and no one complains that my pumpkin pie comes from a can. Because I'm busy. But this year, I picked up a cute little pie pumpkin and decided I was going to set aside a large chunk of time and figure out how to make pie out of it. But guess what? It's easy. Like easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy easy. And freakin' amazingly delicious. So, do yourself a favor and make one already. Then, go get a manicure with the extra time you set aside for pie-baking but won't need. 

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