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Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

You may think of Jade Rolling as a recent beauty trend. This radiance-boosting, cheekbone-defining, detoxifying treatment is being buzzed about all over the pages of your favorite beauty magazine and jade rollers are seen in the hands of top models. But this treatment is nothing new. Jade rolling as actually thousands of years old and is a treatment once reserved only for Chinese royalty. 

The non-invasive rolling action and the healing properties of jade are rooted in ancient Chinese medicinal tradition. This practice has been an integral part of total body health since the 7th century. It’s only now that Western culture is tuning in to the large list of benefits. Curious? Keep reading to learn more about Jade Rolling and its benefits. 

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A Bad Night's Sleep Is Wrecking Your Skin

So you don't sleep well.  You get to bed late, routinely wake up at 3am, and you toss and turn most of the night. You feel chronically exhausted and burned out. You may think this lack of sleep is taking a toll on your health - and it is. And since skin reflects the overall health of the body, lack of sleep is taking a toll on your complexion as well.  According to a recent study, sleeping less than 6 hours a night for a few days increases the appearance of wrinkles.

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5 Things Your Skin Is Telling You

Our skin is a very important organ that serves a variety of functions. Skin is also our largest organ - we have about 22 square meters on our bodies and the skin of an average adult weighs about 8 pounds! No wonder skin is so important. Our skin acts as a barrier to protect us from elements that would otherwise harm our body; it is our first line of defense. But defense isn't the only function of skin! The health of skin is inextricably linked to the health of the body and because the skin is such a large, visible organ, the internal health of our body is constantly on display. Skin gives us very important clues as to what is happening inside of our body; if you are paying attention, you will have more insight into the health and wellness of your entire body. Ready to find out more about what your skin is trying to tell you? Read on to discover 5 common skin conditions that can have underlying causes. For a personalized look at your skin, click HERE to take our quiz - "What Is Your Skin Trying To Tell You"

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