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5 Secret Acne Triggers

Are your breakouts making you want to hide your face? We all know that things like dairy, sugar, and stress can certainly trigger acne. But did you know there are several hidden acne causes? Many of the things we eat, drink, and do every day can be directly correlated to your acne. Whether you suffer from an occasional breakout, or you have painful cystic acne, you need to read this post AND watch my YouTube video on this topic! 

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Your Acne Hates Probiotics

You are probably by now familiar with probiotics and their digestive benefits (see my previous post HERE about probiotics). Probiotics are extremely powerful - in fact, their benefits extend far beyond digestion. Probiotics can help to normalize cholesterol, relieve anxiety, and improve immunity. This is great news; however, if you suffer from breakouts there's even better news.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, probiotics are the "next big thing" in treating acne and rosacea. Emerging research shows that in persons prone to acne and rosacea, daily use of probiotics reduces severity and frequency of breakouts. ...

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Stop Putting Butt Cream On Your Face

...and other home remedies that are wrecking your skin.

If you know me, you know I'm all about the home remedy. I slather castor oil on sore muscles, I drop vinegar in my ears when I get swimmer's ear, and coconut oil is my home-remedy panacea. But, there's a limit to this, especially when it comes to your skincare routine. You want to use caution when it comes to what you slather on your face because, well, your face is different than the skin on the rest of your body. The epidermis of facial skin – the top layer of skin – is made of smaller cells than the epidermis on the rest of the body. Facial skin is therefore thinner and has less of a natural barrier than skin on the rest of your body.  This is why it’s so important to nourish and protect facial skin and avoid irritating ingredients.  Read on and discover the Top 3 Home Remedy Products You Should NEVER Put On Your Face.

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I Tried THIS For My Acne, And It Changed My Life...

This photo above described me perfectly - I suffered from widespread acne, rosacea, simultaneous dryness and oiliness, AND I started to see fine lines and wrinkles developing on my face.  I would hide behind large amounts of makeup, often cancelled social plans because I was embarrassed of my skin, and my confidence was at an all-time low. I tried every cream, pill, and ointment and never found a permanent solution for my skin issues, until I tried THIS...

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Show Me Your Face, And I'll Tell You About Your Health

Did you know Chinese medicine views your face as a map indicating the overall health and wellness of your body? That means acupuncturists are trained to understand the systemic difference between a blemish on your forehead and one on your cheek. Are you ready for truly customized skincare, that heals your body from the inside out, and is tailored to your individual needs? Read more to find out how...

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