Facial Gua Sha

Gua Sha. If you google this term, be prepared for some intense-looking photos of someone’s bright red freshly gua sha'd back. How can this same process be something that you want done to your face? 

The answer is that face gua sha, although relying on the same principles of body gua sha, is a much, much different animal

Keep reading to find out how face gua sha can help soften lines, boost collagen, and give your face a smooth and sculpted appearance.

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Stop Taking These Supplements - RIGHT NOW

So often in my practice, my patients bring in a long list of the vitamins and supplements they are taking. When I ask why, most people admit they aren't exactly sure what each one does or why they are even taking it except they "heard somewhere that it was good to take." Supplements can be great - but they can also be not-so-great. In fact, some of the health problems you are experiencing right now can be attributed to your supplement routine. Here are the three supplements that can especially cause health havoc. 

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5 Secret Acne Triggers

Are your breakouts making you want to hide your face? We all know that things like dairy, sugar, and stress can certainly trigger acne. But did you know there are several hidden acne causes? Many of the things we eat, drink, and do every day can be directly correlated to your acne. Whether you suffer from an occasional breakout, or you have painful cystic acne, you need to read this post AND watch my YouTube video on this topic! 

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How To Make Risotto

Who doesn't love a good risotto? Creamy and delicious arborio rice paired with assorted vegetables always makes risotto a winner in my house. Except most risottos are made with a raft of heavy ingredients - butter, cheeses, and wine. I love this vegan version, packed full of veggies but still with the signature creaminess of a traditional risotto. Get your arm ready.

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