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Real Mayo. Three Ingredients.

On a recent trip, I was grocery shopping for that night’s dinner. At home, I like to make most of my own ingredients. However, when I travel, I have to find other options. On this particular trip, I needed mayo for a dipping sauce to accompany grilled salmon. Because I usually make my own, I was shocked when I read the ingredient list on mayonnaise jars at the store- most contained over 15 ingredients and not a single egg in sight! I couldn't pronounce half of the ingredients, as most of them were preservatives and stabilizers - not real food.  At home, I make mayo with just 3 ingredients: eggs, avocado oil, and lemon...

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Whats The Story, Morning Glory?

My regular coffee shop stocks the most amazing muffins - gluten free, not overly sweet, and full of fruit and other goodies. Except last week, the barista told me they had switched bakeries and my favorite muffins were no longer available.  Aw, bummer! I was really disappointed until I realized this was the perfect excuse to come up with my own version. Here I share my version of my favorite gluten-free muffins with you. Packed with antioxidant-boosting superfoods, these Morning Glory muffins make the perfect breakfast (or afternoon snack). 

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Simple Coconut Yogurt

If you know me, then we've probably had a conversation (or several) about diet and nutrition. This also means you've heard me advocate consuming less dairy and looking for other options to include in your diet. This simple coconut milk yogurt fits the bill perfectly - it's dairy free, paleo, sugar-free and it's made from two ingredients. The final product has a tangy greek-yogurt-like taste that goes well with sweet or savory dishes: top the yogurt with fresh fruit, or use a spoonful on top of pancakes or latkes. 

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